The Decision for the Customs Office is an official  document issued by the Certification Body, which states that products aren’t subject to compulsory certification or they correspond to the group of products, which are proved  of conformity by the Conformity Declaration. The Decision is processed on a blank of the authority, which it’s being issued from, and authorized by the official seal.

The Decision is required in cases, for instance, when it’s not quite evident , which of the two  codes (National Classifying Index of Products and Services or HS Code of Ukraine) could be used for product classification, thus, there arises a question whether it is compulsory to certify products or not. This question is frequently asked by representatives of the Controlling Bodies (i.e. the Customs Office and various inspecting authorities of supervisory departments). Sometimes this question may be asked by your clients, who demand a Conformity  (Quality) Certificate related to products you suggest  them for  realization. However, the Decision isn’t a proof of product quality, so it’s better to have a Conformity Certificate (made voluntary).

Based on the foregoing, the Decisions are divided into two types:

They differ only in the recipient.

For trade – the Decision is directed to the applicant’s adress (a Director of the company or an enterprise, who applied for the Decision).

For the Customs Office – i.e. to the Head of the State Customs Committee (SCC). Also here one enters information  on the contract, according to which the products are conveyed. There’s no more differences.