The LLC «RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE» «DIN LTD»is the official agent of the HP “UkrNDNC” in the sphere of production and distribution of the paper based official copies of normative documents.

The official copies are made in accordance with the “General Rules of Production and Distribution of the Paper Based Official Copies of Normative Documents” (hereinafter – the Rules), approved by the HP “UkrNDNC” of 11 November 2012 № 207.
Each of the issued copies is an exact one of the original text of the normative document both in execution and the content (including annexes, deletions and changes). Besides, it is protected from unauthorized copying, i.e. includes certain characteristics, which allow to distinguish the official copy from a non official one.

All the identification elements are made of special material, which provides the destruction of the glued element at the attempt ofitsremoval from the cover, thus assuring the additional level of protection against unauthorized copying.

The LLC «RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE» «DIN LTD» provides the official copies of the following normative documents:

Other normative documents

Information issues

In addition to this, the LLC «RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE» «DIN LTD»provides information supporttowards updating informationof the normative documents base (new acquisitions, changes and modifications of the normative documents).