Certification in the UkrSEPRO

UkrSEPRO certificate is the indication of conformity of the presented products with all standards and requirements of normative documents.UkrSEPRO certification system created in Ukraine has the same authority for the domestic market, as the one ISO 9000 certificationhas overwestern companies, although it is completely independent process. The conformity certificate is the important document, which plays a huge role in decisions of Ukrainian customsonpermission for the passage of this or other products on the territory of the country.


Certification of products

Ukrainian market today provides wide opportunities for sales: a network of super-and hypermarkets in the country, which cover the entire territory, markets, specialized stores, warehouses make the product available to the majority of the population.


Conformity Assessment

Declaration of conformity  is a document that is ordinarilyexecuted by the company-producer or a seller under their own responsibility. This documentensures that the quality of productsmeets the requirements of the legislation.

The main parameters of the product areindicated in the declaration: producer, number and volume of the lot, the documents, on whichbasis the products are imported to Ukraine (if it’s import), information on conformity with technical regulations, DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine), TU (technical specifications) etc., information on conducting the sanitary-epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health and conducted tests on conformity with stated quality.


Normative Documents


The LLC «RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE» «DIN LTD»is the official agent of the HP “UkrNDNC” in the sphere of production and distribution of  the paper based official  copies of normative documents.

The official copies are made in accordance with the “General Rules of Production and Distribution of the Paper Based Official Copies of Normative Documents” (hereinafter – the Rules), approved by the HP “UkrNDNC” of 11 November 2012 № 207.


The Decision for the Customs Office

The Decision for the Customs Office is an official  document issued by the Certification Body, which states that products aren’t subject to compulsory certification or they correspond to the group of products, which are proved  of conformity by the Conformity Declaration. The Decision is processed on a blank of the authority, which it’s being issued from, and authorized by the official seal.


Consulting Services

Our company conducts advising in many directions of certification.